Professional Baseball Scouts Association


The Pacific Northwest Professional Baseball Scouts Association (PNWPBSA) is a non-profit membership corporation under the non-profit laws of the state of Oregon.

The purpose and objectives for the corporation are as follows:

A) To provide a meeting place for all professional baseball scouts employed either on a full-time or part-time basis.
B) To promote, enhance, and heighten the overall awareness of baseball as, "The National Pastime."
C) To aid and assist in the teaching and development of baseball to youth groups and other baseball-related organizations.
D) To promote the social welfare of its members—if necessary to provide assistance to a member in need, and to cultivate relationships that enhance the good of the game of baseball and those directly involved.
E) To aid, assist, and partner with other like-minded organizations to promote and enhance baseball in the Pacific Northwest.

The purpose for this organization is for general welfare and not for profit. Any income shall not be paid out as dividends to any person, but will be used for general welfare purposes of the organization.

Social events of every type or kind deemed to be for the benefit and interest of the PNWPBSA will be conducted to help the organization carry out the above purposes.